Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry

I've worked and studied with Kenda for a number of years and have been colleagues with Andy since our time overlapping at Princeton Theological Seminary. They've put together a book of articles that trace the trajectory of "the theological turn in youth ministry." Both have some pieces up around the net about the book since it got released last month. Amazon reviewers are giving it good marks as are others out there. If you Google it you will discover videos and pod-casts discussing the material. Full disclosure -  I helped Andy write a piece that is at the end. I happen to think it is OK although the article did ruffle a few feathers at recent youth ministry gatherings.


Dr. Adam DeVille said...

Keep it up! I'll look forward to reading more. This blogging thing is actually a lot of fun, as I've recently discovered:

Anonymous said...

"Write" not "right"! (But liked the post...)

blair said...

Wow - that was quite a mistake. Thanks for catching it. I'll change it so that it looks semi-professional.