Monday, October 27, 2008

youth vs. student

At AYME last weekend Rick Lawrence was giving out free copies of GROUP magazine. I've been an on again off again reader for years. I usually turn off when there is a bad issue and then later on read something interesting. This one opened up with what I thought was a great editorial.

Not sure if you checked out the comments but I was left speechless. Folks think that this is political correctness? That names don't matter? That Smith is wrong?

I could go through and refute each argument but I don't feel like Smith needs help here. A lot of young people aren't students (and no, some BS line about how all Christians should be students doesn't take this one away) and therefore calling this age students doesn't cover all of the people we would like to. When Men's Ministry becomes Gainfully Employed Male Tax Payer group, then we can call it Student Ministry. When we start letting the state develop our theological anthropology for us, let me know so that I can join the Old Order Mennonites who seem to be one of the only groups who understands the subtle dangers of letting the state exercise total control over society.

I'm so not in touch with a good chunk of the youth ministry world. Next post will prove that even more.

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-Justin- said...

Hey Blair- if you recall we spent some small group time together at Princeton back in the Spring. I really enjoyed that time with you and the other guys.

I read this article this weekend and was looking for other thoughts on this topic and stumbled across yours. I really resonate with what Smith wrote and your thoughts as well. I wonder if we spent enough time reflecting on the words we choose to use in ministry, for they do matter.

Hope you are well. Talk to you later.