Saturday, August 2, 2008

Moving and stuff

Amidst the chaos of the past few days Vivian and I have really started to pack for the move to Princeton. We are significantly downsizing - almost 2000 square feet less space in Princeton than in Brampton. Vivian is the tosser and I'm the hoarder in the family and so I've been challenged to get rid of stuff. I'm starting to get into it however.

I'm partly inspired by this guy. He wants to reduce his personal things to 100 objects. He has some rules for himself since it is his own challenge. Fair enough. I'm contemplating making a similar challenge for my self.

He defines personal very sensibly - stuff that isn't communally used or owned. I can go for that.

He has a memorabilia clause where he can keep family keepsakes etc. in two storage boxes in the garage. I have letters etc. and some other keepsakes that I don't use often but would like to keep. I'll create boxes as well but the challenge will be deciding what is really valuable enough to be a keepsake.

The book clause is essential for me. I'm not only an avid reader but I make my living by reading. I've significantly reduced the books we are taking to Princeton but there is no way it will get under 100. I'd be lucky if it was under 800. Not personal but professional items.

He has tools. I have some but I don't consider them personal. I use them to work around the house. Not personal.

He has trains. I have vinyl records. Hundreds of them. They are going to a friend's house and we'll see how I do without them for four years.

Finally, he groups things together sometimes eg. socks. Socks are not a huge issue for me but I'll consider some things in groups.

More posts to follow.

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